• The customer community worldwide needs to understand that while there are common threads among relational databases, they also nurture important differences. Calibre Solutions believes that the most important criteria for selecting a database should be reliability, total cost of ownership and the ability to integrate the database into the existing environment, whatever the nature. Most vendors offer education and certification programs to help the process along and to develop customer's internal resource proficiency. Usually vendors have very good toolsets, a common element in the training and skills development they provide. Though technical skills are necessary, they are not a sufficient factor for database excellence. Firms offering development services must deliver business skills and versatility in work with other IT areas. The ability to translate applications for a Web environment and deploy Web services, database security are major areas where software and database experts have to put in extra effort. Over the next few years, Web services may come to have a much greater role in database deployments.

  • Versatility In Developer Services

    The critical knowledge in developing database applications is to understand the data model, to know what the relevant tables are and how to access them efficiently and process the information. That implies a fundamental, overarching grasp of all aspects of the Infrastructure. Security today is getting more attention everywhere in IT, so is the ability to master heterogeneity. Yet they do not get much attention from either vendors or developers. There is a noteworthy demand growth for the ability to access databases across multivendor infrastructures. Most developers deliver access cross multiple databases, only if they are multi-database vendors. Calibre Solutions makes it a point to recommend, on the security side, having a uniform scheme such as single sign-on. Particularly with database apps, customers need a means of ensuring that a user's ID can be used for all the levels of access at or below their particular level of authority to launch the application and perform necessary operations.

  • Scalable Technology Solutions

    We develop, deploy, and host customized, scalable technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers' existing environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that almost all our customers have experienced a faster time-to-market and an attractively low total cost of ownership. Welcome to a brand new global technology partner. We sustain relationships with international corporations and engaging partnerships with leading application vendors. We build capabilities and specialized expertise in different domains across a huge range of geographies across the world. Proven enterprise scale capability We strongly focus on the foundation of proven mission-critical solution deployments and rapid development cycles to meet intense milestones. This comes from working for and adapting to some of the most demanding industry leaders. Our technologists and consultants offer extensive experience in building e-business and mobile computing solutions With its comprehensive IT skills and capabilities Calibre Solutions offers and manages groundbreaking software solutions spanning a range of technology platforms. We use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as latest project management techniques and software practices.

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